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Breast augmentation Tunisia

The volume of the breasts plays a major role in a woman’s life. Sometimes, they are too small for various reasons or one can be smaller than the other, it can be asymmetrical. The absence of a breast can also be congenital.

So, to increase the volume of the breasts or to make them the same size, the most valid method is the insertion of silicone prostheses (implants).

The actual material of the breast prosthesis is the silicone that is on the top layer of the prosthesis. All this should be mentioned in the consultation and decided with the surgeon.

This intervention is the best solution to increase the volume of the breasts and allow the patient to feel more feminine and improve her self esteem.

The choice of the size and shape of the breast implants depends on the case of each patient (her morphology...), it should be discussed with the surgeon.

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Breast augmentation Tunisia : how much does it cost ?

To have the price breast augmentation Tunisia, contact one of our counselors by phone, she will be pleased to answer all your questions, you also have the possibility to ask for a free online quote on our website.

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What is a breast implant ?

A breast implant consists of an outer shell (silicone envelope) which can be flat or textured. The filling material can be water and salt (called saline solution), liquid silicone or the so-called cohesive silicone gel (stable form) of various degrees of hardness. The implants have a round shape or the shape of a natural breast, these implants tend to have a more natural look and feel.

How is the size of a breast implant determined ?

During the consultation with the surgeon, the patient can express personal preferences regarding breast shape and size and any concerns regarding the procedure. The surgeon will then evaluate the individual case and appropriately answer all questions so that the patient is adequately informed regarding benefits and possible risks associated with the procedure.

A thorough and detailed assessment of breast shape (height, width, and symmetry), skin quality, and breast cage appearance will be performed. To help the patient choose the desired breast size, special silicone sizers will be made available. Wearing these calibrators under a tight shirt will provide a more accurate view of the final result. Based on the particular needs of the patient and the evaluation of the surgeon, in the end, the most appropriate implant will be chosen.

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Why is breast augmentation performed ?

There are several reasons why women opt for breast augmentation :
The reasons for breast augmentation are numerous : women often feel that their breasts are too small, thay they suffer from breast hypotrophy which can cause them psychological problems, therefore they decide to undergo this surgery for aesthetic reasons.

Many reasons play a role in deciding to have breast surgery, not only the desire for more breast volume :
the breast changes over time. The volume and elasticity of the female breast can change as a result of weight fluctuations, pregnancies, hormonal influences or the aging process. In this case, breast augmentation with implants is a way to restore the volume of the breast and to adjust the shape and size to one's own wishes.

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Breast augmentation : for whom is it eligible ?

Breast augmentation Tunisia improves your figure and your self-esteem while making you feel more feminine by having harmonious breasts. Before you decide to undergo this plastic intervention, think carefully about your expectations, the best candidates for breast enlargement are women who seek enhancement and have realistic expectations.

If you are physically healthy and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate for this cosmetic surgery.

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Before the intervention

Before undergoing your breast augmentation Tunisia, you will have a consultation with your surgeon so as to discuss the operation, he/she will examine you as well as your breasts, ask you questions about your medical history whether you have had surgeries, if you suffer from diseases or if you are under treatment and take medications...

Then, you will tell him.her about your expectations, the size and shape of the breast implants you want to that he/she will discuss with you about that according to your case (morphology, type of skin...)

He/she will give you some recommendations that you must follow such as avoiding cigarettes before and after the surgery as well as medications containing aspirin...

Moreover, he/she will ask you to do blood analysis as well as a mammography to check whether you can undergo it or not.

During the procedure

Breast augmentation with implants is a simple cosmetic surgery in which a small incision is made through which the breast implant will be inserted and placed. Three types of incisions can be made : periareolar, surrounding the areola, at the level of the armpits or under the breast.

In all cases, the incision is very small, so the resulting scar is almost invisible, the plastic surgeon creates a cavity where the breast implants will be placed, either directly under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts about 2 hours.

After breast augmentation

After your breast augmentation Tunisia, the surgeon will prescribe you painkillers to reduce the postoperative pain.

The appearance of bruising and edema is normal, they will fade rapidly.

You will have to wear a support bra day and night for a period of one month.

The professionnal activity must be stopped for one week, the surgeon will indicate you the period.

Sports activities should also be avoided for 2 to 3 months and resumed after the consent of the surgeon.

Breast augmentation Tunisia results

The results of breast augmentation Tunisia are excellent and appreciated after the surgery, but the final ones will be visible after 6 months, the patient will have harmonious breasts which will make her feel more feminine and regain self confidence either socially or personally speaking.

How to sleep comfortably after breast augmentation ?

Embarking on a peaceful night's sleep following breast augmentation involves prepping beforehand. Ensure a smooth recovery with these handy suggestions for your return home :

Embrace Extra Cushions

To sustain a comfortable supine position, strategically position additional pillows under your body and each arm. This simple practice minimizes unintentional movements during sleep, fostering a restful night.

Provide Back and Knee Support

Enhance your comfort by using a pillow under your knees to align your back correctly, alleviating lower back pain. Simultaneously, a specialized cervical pillow keeps your head in a comfortable position. These adjustments are key to an improved sleep experience.

Sidestep Sleep Disturbances

As you get ready for bedtime, avoid consuming caffeine and spending time on screens. Opt instead for a soothing hot shower to promote relaxation. Additionally, wearing a supportive bra aids in relieving incisions and contributes to a smoother recovery process.

Stay Active for Swift Healing

This promotes optimal circulation, reducing the risk of post-operative complications. Following the surgeon's guidelines, prioritize sleeping on your back and allowing ample rest for a successful recovery. This activity enhances circulation, mitigating potential post-operative complications. Adhering to the surgeon's recommendations, prioritize back sleeping and sufficient rest for a successful recovery.

Can i breastfeed after breast augmentation ?

Women who have undergone breast augmentation with silicone implants report that their breasts and nipples are supported by the breast implants, which can make breastfeeding easier. What's more, the breasts and nipples protrude, offering extra help for their babies to suckle more easily.

How long before i can exercise after breast augmentation ?

Approximately 6 to 8 weeks post-surgery, most patients can resume high-impact sports. When restarting, ensure you wear a quality sports bra suitable for the post-augmentation period, ensuring optimal comfort and protection.

How long after breast augmentation can you get a massage ?

By massaging the breasts, you stimulate blood circulation throughout the breast area. This action also helps drain stagnant lymphatic fluid from the armpit area.

If you feel a sensation of stiffness or tightness around the breast implant, don't delay in informing your surgeon. Prompt communication can prevent potential problems and ensure the long-term health of your augmented breasts.

Can you get pregnant after breast augmentation ?

Pregnancy after breast implants is not only commonplace, but also considered very safe. Many women aspire to enjoy their bodies from a young age, sometimes before considering the later stages of life. Pre-pregnancy breast augmentation can help boost self-confidence and cultivate happiness in one's own skin, even influencing social relationships and bonding.

The idea that breast augmentation and pregnancy are incompatible is outdated. These two facets of a woman's life can coexist harmoniously. However, sharing a few key points with those considering surgery and pregnancy is crucial.