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Buttock lift Tunisia

A buttock lift is an aesthetic procedure that aims at removing excess skin at the gluteal region with moderate ptosis, moderate skin sagging of the buttock and trochanteric area, asymmetry or double gluteal fold. This condition, characterized by tissue sagging with decreased skin elasticity, may be congenital-morphological in nature or it can be caused by the advancing age or as a result of conspicuous and sudden weight loss.

Thanks to this operation, it is therefore possible to improve the profile of the buttocks giving an appearance of greater firmness. In some cases, it is also possible to combine this procedure with liposuction if the case of the patient requires it.

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Buttock lift Tunisia cost

The price buttock lift Tunisia is attractive, ask for a free quote or contact us by phone for more information about this surgery and to obtain all details about your all inclusive medical stay Tunisia.

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Why is it performed ?

This operation is performed for many reasons and these ones depend from one perso to another :
As you age, your skin changes and becomes more saggy. In addition, damage from sun exposure, variations in weight and genetic factors can contribute to poor skin elasticity. These factors can cause sagging buttocks.

Buttock lifts are usually performed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures. You can evaluate buttock lift if :

  • You are in a good health.
  • You have lost a large amount of weight and it has been stable for at least 6 to 12 months.
  • You are normal weight, but want a drastic change in the appearance of your lower body.
  • You are normal weight, but the skin does not contract after liposuction due to poor age-related elasticity.

You should note that the buttock lift will not change the quality of the skin.

Buttock lift is not for everyone. Your doctor may warn you about it in the following cases :

  • You have a serious chronic illness such as heart disease or diabetes.
  • You plan to lose a large amount of weight.
  • You have a body mass index greater than 32.
  • You have an unstable mental health disorder.

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Before the operation

First of all, during the consultation, you will talk to your plastic surgeon about the intervention and your medical history. You will have to answer questions about current and past medical conditions (the medications you are taking, the surgeries you have had before, if you suffer from allergies...) your surgeon will likely ask you detailed questions about your weight variations as well as your eating habits, if you have been pregnant, the number of children you have...

He or she will perform a physical examination and examine your buttocks, your type of skin and your silhouette appearance. He/she may also take pictures of your buttocks for your medical history.

Discuss your expectations. Explain why you want to have a buttock lift and what you want to achieve in terms of appearance after the procedure. Make sure you understand the benefits, risks, recovery period, results...

Before your buttock lift Tunisia, you may also need to :

Stop smoking as it can slow the healing process, and significantly increase your risk of complications.

Avoid certain medications. You will probably need to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements which can increase bleeding.

You should obligatory maintain a stable weight before opting for a buttock lift. Weight variations after the procedure can affect your results.

You must follow all the recommendations of your plastic surgeon for the smooth running of the procedure.

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During the procedure

The procedure usually lasts between two to three hours depending on your case and is realized under general anaesthesia.

The plastic surgeon will make an incision along the lumbar region, from hip to hip. The excess skin under the incision is lifted which lifts the buttocks. The extra skin is then removed.

Buttock lift : the recovery period

After a buttock lift Tunisia, your incision will probably be covered with a surgical dressing. One or more drains are usually placed under the wound and near the incision to drain excess blood or fluid.

You will likely experience moderate pain which can be controlled at first with intravenous pain medication.

Drains may be left in place for several weeks after surgery. You will be shown how to empty and care for the drains.

You may need to continue taking an antibiotic and a medication prescribed by your surgeon in order to prevent blood clots (anticoagulant) after the buttock lift.

After a few days, you will begin wearing a support garment for the next few weeks. This will help prevent fluid buildup and provide support during healing.

The appearance of the scar will improve over time.

During the first few months after a buttock lift Tunisia, you will need to be careful when moving around, increasing your activity level slowly, and avoid positions that cause tension on the incision line to prevent the wound from reopening. Your surgeon will give you instructions that you must follow.

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Buttock lift Tunisia : results

By removing excess skin from the buttocks, buttock lift Tunisia will give you a more toned appearance.
The results of this intervention are generally long-lasting. Keep in mind that maintaining a stable weight is essential to preserve the results.

Moreover, this operation allows the patient to regain self-confidence and feel comfortable in his/her daily life by wearing the clothes of his/her choice.