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Otoplasty Tunisia

Otoplasty is the plastic surgery to change the shape and size of the ears while improving facial harmony.
More precisely, it allows for repositioning and reshaping prominent ears (so-called "fan," "flapping," or "loop" ears) and correcting defects present from birth or post-traumatic.

This intervention allows the patient to have harmonious ears which will improve his/her self confidence and feel comfortable.

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Otoplasty Tunisia : the price

The price otoplasty Tunisia is advantageous, ask for a free quote to obtain its cost.

You will benefit from an all inclusive medical stay and be operated on by the most competent plastic surgeons.

Contact us by phone for more details and information about your medical stay.

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Otoplasty : its indications

Otoplasty is recommended in cases of :

  • protruding, floppy, prominent ears
  • loop ears
  • too large ears
  • asymmetrical protrusion between the two pinnae
  • dysmorphic or cleft lobes
  • asymmetry of cartilage folds.

The preoperative consultation

During the first visit, the surgeon will need to assess the shape and size of your ears and show you the most appropriate surgical technique to achieve the best possible result.

The surgeon will also need to assess your health status to rule out alterations such as high blood pressure, coagulation or scarring problems which could alter the final result of the surgery, he/she also needs to know whether you have had surgeries before or if you are under treatment or suffer from certain allergies and diseases...

Moreover, you can ask him/her questions about the procedure, convalescence, its risks, results...everything about the intervention must be clarified.

At the end of the visit, he/she, in agreement with you will choose the ear shape that best suits the physiognomy and aesthetics of your face.

Before surgery you will receive specific instructions on pre- and post-operative nutrition, intake of medications, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Blood analysis must be performed before your otoplasty Tunisia.

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How is it realized ?

Otoplasty is a procedure realized under general anaesthesia and that begins with an incision in the posterior aspect of the ear where the scars will then be located and continues with the removal of a small lozenge of skin. This exposes the cartilage which is reshaped to achieve a better configuration and accommodation in a normal position at the end of the surgery.

Upper remodeling consists of reconstruction of the antihelix, that is, the crease whose lack or poor accentuation generally causes the major part of the deformity. To maintain this crease, it is necessary to weaken the anterior part of the cartilage with a special instrument and fix it with nonabsorbable or long-absorbable stitches.

In most cases, the removal of a small lozenge of concha cartilage is associated to treat the central part of the pinna which is always done through the incision behind the ear.

The otoplasty procedure takes about one to two hours, it is painless and ends with a "turban-like" dressing that must be maintained for about five days.

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The recovery period of otoplasty Tunisia

In the 48 hours following otoplasty Tunisia, you will need to remain at rest with your head elevated. Upon removal of the turban, a tennis-type restraining bandage or hair band will still be applied for 5 days (day and night). As of day 8, restraint will no longer be needed during daylight hours, but the advice is to keep the tennis-type band or hair band restraint during the night for 3 more weeks.

From day 7, you can resume normal life but avoid strenuous activities, saunas and steam baths, exposure to the sun and wearing glasses. Swelling and bruising around the treated region may occur in the first 48 hours which is normal, but they will disappear rapidly.

Rarely, infection, hematoma or keloid scarring may occur. After 7 to 8 days, you will be able to resume your work activities if not excessively strenuous and with the consent of your surgeon.

You must follow all your surgeons’s recommendations for the smooth running of the intervention and for optimal results.

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Its results

The results of otoplasty Tunisia are very satisfactory and spectacular, they are appreciated from the 3rd postoperative month, the patient then finds symmetrical and harmonious ears which will make him/her feel self confident and comfortable by having a more beautiful facial appearance.