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Breast implant removal Tunisia

Breast implant removal is a procedure in which one or two breast implants are removed due to complications or simply because the patient changes her habits. In some cases, this intervention is performed to replace the implant, in others, it represents the complete removal, together with the extirpation of the scar tissue.

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Breast implant removal Tunisia price

The price breast implant removal Tunisia is affordable and interesting, you can ask for a free online quote or contact us by phone to have more information and details about this surgery, our counselors will be pleased to guide you.

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Who is suitable for this intervention ?

The removal of breast implants becomes necessary when they generate some problem or complication, for example, if there are ruptures or alterations in the shape or position of the implant.

Also, when there are infections and necrotic tissue, when capsular contractures and calcification occur.
To this is added the emergence of difficulties in breast diagnosis, as well as anaplastic large cell lymphoma which is a benign variant of lymphoma. In other cases, the removal of breast implants responds to personal reasons which often have to do with self-esteem and aesthetics.

It is important to note that this removal of breast implants requires that patients are very conscious and sure of not wanting to have more implants, since the surgery will involve a major change in the size and volume of their breasts which is seen in the contour of your body and its overall aesthetic appearance, however, if after this change of mind, it is possible to return to place new implants in a time not less than three months of the removal surgery. Patients should always make the decision by themselves but advised by their Plastic Surgeon who is a specialist in the area of aesthetic surgery.

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How do I prepare for surgery ?

Before performing the breast implant removal Tunisia, it is essential to have a preoperative consultation with the surgeon who will determine the causes that lead to the need for this intervention and thus, together with the patient, choose the best procedure to follow that is to say, if it will be only the removal or if additional procedures will be performed.

The surgeon will ask you questions about your medical history (the surgeries you have undergone, breastfeeding, the age of the breast implants...)

It is also possible that some medications may be suspended and others may be prescribed to ensure the ideal conditions for the operation.

Some dietary changes may also be recommended and it is important not to consume any food or beverages after midnight before the operation.

In addition, several days before the removal, the specialist may recommend the use of an antiseptic soap to prepare the skin for the procedure and prevent infections. Avoiding smoking several weeks before is also a very important step that is part of the preoperative period as smoking can have a highly negative impact on this type of intervention.

Blood analysis and a mammography must be realized before your breast implant removal Tunisia.

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The intervention

The intervention is realized under general anaesthesia to keep you asleep and pain-free during surgery and lasts about 2 to 3 hours.
Your surgeon will make an incision under your breast. He / she may make the incision in the same place as the incision which is used to place the implant. He or she will check your scar tissue and look for the implant. Then, he or she will remove it. The scar tissue may also be removed.

If you are not having the implant replaced, the surgeon may reshape the breast. He or she will close your incision with stitches, medical glue or medical tape. Drains may be placed to remove extra fluid or blood. The surgical area will be covered with bandages. The surgeon will repeat the process on the other breast, if necessary.

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What to expect after your breast implant removal Tunisia ?

After your breast implant removal Tunisia, the surgeon will prescribe you painkillers to relieve the postoperative pain.

You may be given a support bra that may help hold the bandages in place. It may also help with swelling and pain.

Bruising and swelling are to be expected and they are normal. Ice can be applied to help reduce pain and swelling.

Sports activities should be stopped.

You will also have to avoid lifting heavy loads.

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The results

The results of breast implant removal Tunisia can be seen just after the intervention, but the final results are visible after several weeks.

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The importance of following your surgeon's recommendations

It must be understood that although today there is a lot of information published in the media or on the internet, it is very easy to find erroneous data or simply misinterpret some of the reports published on the networks about the removal of breast implants. Ultimately, when it comes to health or medical and/or surgical procedures, a consultation with an accredited and experienced professional is necessary. At the end of the day, it is the doctor who will know how to give you the best options, preserving your health and respecting your needs.

It is crucial to emphasize that the most important thing, not only for the patient who wants to know what breast implant removal involves, but also for those who wish to undergo any other surgical procedure is to trust their surgeon. There is no better way to achieve the results you want than to follow his indications.