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Plastic surgery prices in Tunisia: All Inclusive package

Our prices for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia are a lump sum and obeying the 'All Inclusive' package.

These prices include all costs related to the procedure:

  • Doctors' fees; the surgeon and the anesthesiologist.
  • The cost of the operation.
  • Reservation of the operating room.
  • The costs of postoperative care.
  • The stay at the clinic.
  • A room in a luxurious hotel during the convalescence period.

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The list of plastic surgeries in Tunisia

tarifs chirurgie esthetique tunisie

Facial surgeries

Procedure Price Duration of stay
Neck and face lift About 2950 € 5 night and 6 days
Malar lift About 2100 €
Forehead lift About 2100 €
Full face lift About 3100 €
Simple rhinoplasty About 2000 €
Rhinoplasty and septoplasty About 2350 €
Ethnic rhinoplasty About 2350 €
2 Eyelid surgery About 1450 € 4 nights and 5 days
4 Eyelid surgery About 1650 €
Full facelift + 2 eyelid surgery About 3350 € 6 nights and 7 days
Full facelift + 4 eyelid surgery About 3500 €
Tummy tuck About 2100 €
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty About 2950 €
Lip lift About 2750 €
Procedure Price Duration of stay
Breast augmentation round prostheses About 2400 € 5 nights and 6 days
Breast augmentation anatomical prostheses About 2600 €
Breast lift without prostheses About 2100 €
Breast lift with round prostheses About 2850 €
Breast lift with anatomical prostheses About 3050 €
Breast reduction About 2100 €
Gigantomastia (breast reduction + breast lift) About 2950 €
Breast lipofilling About 2950 €
Gynecomastia About 2100 €
Pectoral implants About 2950 €
tarif chirurgie esthetique tunisie

Breast surgeries

chirurgie esthetique tunisie tarifs

Body surgeries

Procedure Price Duration of stay
Neck liposuction About 1800 € 4 nights and 5 days
Chin liposuction About 1800 €
Liposuction 1 zone About 1600 € 5 nights and 6 days
Average liposuction About 1900 €
Complete liposuction About 2050 €
Vaser liposuction About 2650 €
Abdominoplasty About 2100 €
Abdominal etching About 3750 €
Buttock augmentation with prostheses About 2950 €
BBL About 2950 €
Arm lift About 1600 €
Butt lift About 2000 €
Thigh lift About 1800 €
Abdominoplasty with belly liposuction About 2850 € 6 nights and 7 days
Complete liposuction + abdominoplasty + diastasis treatment About 3350 €
Circular abdominoplasty About 2950 €
Abdominoplasty with complete liposuction About 2950 €
Complete liposuction + breast or buttocks lipofilling About 2950 €
Back lift About 1800 €
Procedure Price Duration of stay
Vaginoplasty About 1800€ 4 nights and 5 days
Nymphoplasty About 1800 €
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Intimate surgeries

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The advantages of cosmetic surgery prices in Tunisia

Tunisia is becoming a notable big name in medical tourism and especially the cosmetic surgery field, patients from all over the world are becoming more and more interested in cosmetic surgery in Tunisia for many reasons such as:

  • The hospital infrastructure is state-of-the-art, similar to that in Europe.
  • Cutting edge medical equipment
  • Doctors in Tunisia are the best cosmetic surgeons internationally.
  • The paramedic is highly qualified.
  • The sunny and pleasant weather of the country which allows patients to enjoy a friendly medical stay.
  • The geographical and cultural proximity of European countries.
  • Very affordable prices which are significantly cheaper than in Europe.
  • The prices of medical equipment in certain cases (abdominoplasty, breast surgery, etc.); bra, compression stockings, compression girdle…

In addition to all of that, each of our partner clinics must be perfectly and completely sanitized in all places.

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What are the prices of appointments with our specialist surgeons?

The cosmetic surgeons that are contracted with our agency have fixed fees. The prices of preoperative appointments are included in the initial rate.

Our patients will be fully supported during the whole time for their procedure.

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What are the plastic surgery prices for people under the age of 16?

Cosmetic surgeries are usually for anyone over the age of 18. However, in some cases, minors can be good candidates.

For example, otoplasty, breast reduction and septoplasty, are aesthetic procedures that can be performed for minors.

These procedures improve the quality of life of people, for example breast reduction relieves back pain, and septoplasty improves breathing and sleep.

The price of cosmetic surgery for minors is the same. Keep in mind that parental consent must be obtained prior to the operation.

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Is there a discount on the price of the aesthetic procedures?

The initial prices offered are both affordable and competitive, which allows our patients to save money.

If you combine your initial aesthetic operation with another surgery or cosmetic medical technique, we still offer you the opportunity to benefit from an unbeatable price.

Thus, you can benefit from a special discount on the second operation.

Why do we need to request an estimation?

To know the price of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, ask for a free estimation online.

The amount request allows you to have a personalized, confidential and non-binding price.

You can thus save time and money; our staff will contact you afterwards to explain the procedure in much more detail.

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