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Tensor threads Tunisia

Tensor threads are made of Polypropylene (they are not reabsorbed and are permanent), Polydioxanone (reabsorbable for the organism and temporary) or mixed threads that are introduced under the skin with a fine needle producing a tensor effect. The treatment does not require surgery or incisions, nor does it leave scars or stitches.
The most common is that this treatment is performed in facial and neck areas that are more prone to wrinkles or sagging that brings the passage of time, the threads can refine the appearance of the area, eliminate different types of wrinkles and restore the natural appearance to the skin without generating forced expressions or inexpressiveness.

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Tensor threads Tunisia : how much does it cost ?

The price tensor threads Tunisia is very advantageous and attractive, so ask for a free quote to get its cost, contact us by phone for more information, we will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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Types of tensor threads

Some of the most common tensor threads are :

  • Monofilament tensor threads : They are usually used in facial treatments especially in the areas of the jaw and jowls.
  • Multifilament tensor threads : These thicker threads are composed of numerous threads and when applied they provide a "filling" effect on the skin.
  • Spiculated tensor threads : These serrated threads are thicker than monofilaments and have small spicules, so they have a greater grip on the skin and offer greater tension to the area where they are applied.

They are usually used to give a "lifting" and smoothing effect to large areas such as the cheeks or neck where flaccidity is usually more pronounced.

Tensor threads : for whom ?

This is an alternative for patients who do not wish to undergo cosmetic surgery such as a facelift or who have contraindicated it, especially if there is not too much flaccidity at the skin level.

The ideal candidates are men and women between 35 and 65 years old who wish to rejuvenate their appearance, it also applies to younger patients who have sagging cheeks and forehead due to muscle weakening. It is advisable to start the treatment as soon as the first signs of aging such as flaccidity or wrinkles appear as this facilitates their correction and prevention in the future. In cases of advanced age, the procedure may be ineffective.

However, it is not recommended for patients with skin problems or with a very weakened skin (thin and fragile) due to aging.

Patients with strong jaws and sagging in the facial area, pregnant or breastfeeding women are not eligible for this treatment.

It is your doctor who will tell you whether you can opt for it or not depending on your case.

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How is it performed ?

This is a simple treatment in which first vectors are drawn on the area to be applied. Then, local anaesthesia is applied in the points where the threads will be introduced, the exit points and the crossing points of these. The threads are introduced one at a time with a fine needle after a small puncture. The number of threads depends on the area to be treated, the conditions of this and the effect to be achieved but never less than 6.

When the threads are placed, the effect is immediate : a better volume and tension can be appreciated. Later, by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin, the natural lifting effect will be seen as the thread becomes a "real" ligament giving the patient a better appearance over time.

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The recovery period

The recovery of the tensor threads Tunisia lasts about 48 hours, during this period it is advisable not to use creams or makeup, nor wash the treated area in the 12 hours after.

In the 24 hours following the procedure, no physical activity or sun exposure is recommended.

Your surgeon wil prescribe you painkillers to alleviate pain, he/she will also give you instructions that you must follow.

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The results of tensor threads Tunisia

The tensor threads Tunisia provide a rejuvenated and natural look with immediate effect, they produce a tightening effect and stimulate the secretion of collagen, so the face will look smoother, less flaccid with a stronger skin.

The duration of the results will vary according to the composition of the threads : they can be absorbable or non-absorbable and in the case of the latter they must be removed before performing the procedure again. The treatment can last from one and a half to two years after which touch-ups can be performed.