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Breast lift Tunisia

Over the years, the skin loses tone and elasticity. This aging process is not only noticeable in the face, but also in the breast area especially after pregnancy, breastfeeding or large weight loss. Physical problems are not to be feared, but the daily look in the mirror becomes a psychological burden for many women.

If you suffer from sagging breasts and feel uncomfortable in physical and sexual activities, you can consider breast lift surgery. To opt for this intervention, your body growth should be complete and your breasts are fully developed.

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How much does cost breast lift Tunisia ?

The price breast lift Tunisia is very atractive, ask for a free online quote to obtain its cost and have more information about your medical stay Tunisia.

Breast lift : for whom ?

Often weight loss or the end of breastfeeding, but sometimes also normal loss of skin elasticity and aging, lead the breasts to sag, changing their shape.

The patient who is eligible for this surgery has one or more of the following characteristics :

  • sagging breasts
  • the breasts are not very firm
  • nipples pointing downward
  • the abundantly covered submammary fold

The suitable patient must be in a good health to undergo the surgery.

Before the operation

Before your breast lift Tunisia and for a successful operation, you will have a consultation with the surgeon to discuss the details of the intervention.
Take the opportunity to clarify all the important questions. Write down what you want to know.

The surgeon will examine your breasts so as to indicate you the suitable procedure, whether you can opt for breast lift or not, he/she will ask you questions about your medical history, if you have had surgeries before, if you were pregnant...

He/she will also explain you the whole procedure from the beginning to the end (The recovery period, results, benefits...).

You will have to inform him/her if you suffer from certain diseases, allergies or if you are taking medications.

You should not take any painkillers containing aspirin for 14 days before the operation. The blood-thinning effect delays blood clotting and can cause secondary bleeding. Medications containing hormones such as estrogen preparations or the birth control pill should also be avoided. You must also stop smoking before the operation.

It is important to note that breast lift Tunisia can be realized with the insertion of breast implants if the case of the patient requires it.

Blood analysis and a mammography must be realized before the intervention.

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The procedure

In contrast to a breast reduction, a breast lift usually involves the removal of only skin and not breast gland tissue. Depending on the size and condition of the breasts, the surgical method can vary greatly. In particular, the ideal incision depends largely on your physical conditions and individual ideas. Before the actual procedure, the surgeon first draws the planned incisions and the future position of the nipple on your skin.

There are several methods for breast lift. In all of them, the nipple with areola is moved upwards and, if necessary, reduced in size. This creates a scar around the areola. In addition, a vertical incision from the areola to the crease under the breast is usually necessary. In addition, an incision may be made in the crease of the underbust. The different incision patterns are relevant for the subsequent scarring.

Then, excess skin is removed and the breast is tightened. During the operation, after removing superfluous tissue, the breast portion is reshaped and moved upwards. There it is attached to the muscle with countersunk sutures on the one hand and by the skin tightening on the other hand. During the reshaping of your breast, the nipple including nerves and blood vessels, is also moved to the new position.

The wound is closed with the finest sutures under the skin and supported with a tight-fitting bandage or a sports bra. Drains ensure the unhindered drainage of wound water. Depending on the extent, the procedure takes about two and a half to four hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

After breast lift Tunisia

Your surgeon will give you instructions after your breast lift Tunisia that you must follow.
Immediately after your surgery, the breast will be tense and painful for a few days. Painkillers are usually administered against this. After a few days, the pressure bandage is replaced by a sports or medical bra. This should fit perfectly, support your breast, not constrict it or press on the wound. You will wear the bra day and night for the first few weeks. It should shape the breast and support internal and external scar healing.

Bruising and swelling can occur, they will disappear rapidly.

During the following six months, UV irradiation of the scars should be avoided.

Your full ability to work is restored (depending on your profession) after two to four weeks, it depends on your case. However, be prepared that you will not be able to shower again for several days. During the first few weeks, you should move your upper arms very carefully and avoid rapid stretching and extension. It is also important that you sleep in a supine position rather than on your stomach, if possible.

The results

The final result of breast lift Tunisia can be visible after about three months. The final one can be appreciated after about one year. Thus, the patient will have firmer breasts which will improve her self esteem and make her feel more feminine.

Is pregnancy possible after breast lift ?

Your breast lift certainly won't stand in the way of your dream of starting a family, but you'll need to be patient before planning a pregnancy. When the magic of motherhood comes knocking at your door, your body will undergo a symphony of changes, and your breasts won't be left out.

Experts advise you to wait generally two to three months after surgery, allowing your breasts to heal from both internal and external incisions. Waiting to allow this healing to take place helps minimize the risk of scarring complications.

If the need to relieve discomfort and pain leads you to consider motherhood sooner, your surgeon will probably recommend that you consult your ob-gyn. Together, they can discuss in detail the ideal timing for embracing the wonderful adventure of pregnancy, while taking care of your new-found breast splendor.

When can i remove bandages after breast lift ?

We strongly advise against removing bandages on your own without the expert advice of your surgeon. Bandages play a crucial role in protecting incisions and providing vital support during the initial phase of your recovery. The timing of bandage removal can vary, depending on your surgeon's preferences and the specific progress of your healing process. As a general rule, bandages should be removed in the first few days after the breast lift, usually on the first or second day. However, it is imperative to consult your surgeon for precise instructions, as each case is unique.

Once the bandages have been removed, you may need to wear a surgical bra or compression garment for added support and to reduce swelling. This garment is generally recommended for several weeks, or as specifically directed by your surgeon. This is a crucial step in your healing journey, one to be undertaken with the expert guidance of your surgeon to ensure optimal recovery.

When can i take a shower after breast lift ?

Your surgeon will tell you when it's safe to shower after dressing removal. It's important to follow his advice so as not to compromise the healing process. It is advisable to wait 36 hours after the operation before taking your first shower.

Are nipples still sensitive after a breast lift ?

The sensation of the nipple after breast surgery is as diverse as the stars in the sky. Some people experience a period of numbness, while others feel a sensation immediately. The areola may look flat and smooth for a while, giving the illusion of increased size, or it may adopt a wrinkled texture. And when the sensation resurfaces, it's like a roller-coaster ride. It becomes more and more sensitive - the frequency and quantity increase - and then it calms down again.

First of all, this is completely normal. Most individuals eventually return to a sensation roughly similar to the one they had before the procedure. The key is patience, as it takes time for the situation to stabilize. This can take days, weeks or even months.

Secondly, be gentle on your nipples. When your skin is sensitive, anything that irritates it will trigger a nervous rebellion. Irritated nerves equal pain. So avoid anything that might irritate, whether it's swelling or rubbing against clothing. Your nipples deserve a period of calm and gentleness after this surgical adventure.

Can i breastfeed after a breast lift ?

Many women who have had a breast lift discover that they can still produce milk after the procedure. Even if milk flow isn't at its peak, you and your baby can reap the rewards of breastfeeding, even with a little supplementation.

Predicting the impact of a breast lift procedure on your ability to produce sufficient milk is like trying to predict the weather - it's a bit tricky! The revelation only comes after childbirth, when you embark on the adventure of breastfeeding. If you feel strongly about expanding your family and making breastfeeding a priority, consider talking to your plastic surgeon. Waiting until you've finished starting a family can be strategic.

Remember that pregnancy and breastfeeding can influence the size and shape of your breasts. Even if you've already had breast lift surgery, the size and profile of your breasts may change after having a baby.

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