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Breast implant replacement Tunisia

When patients undergo breast augmentation with implants, they usually ask a question repeatedly about the change of prosthesis or breast implants, since in many cases the need for some kind of adjustment is presented.

It is essential to take into consideration that each case is different from the other.

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Breast implant replacement Tunisia : the cost

To have the price breast implant replacement Tunisia, ask for a free quote or contact us by phone for more information about this plastic surgery.

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Why and when opting for breast implant replacement ?

Today breast implants are in continuous change and improvement as with time laboratories strive and compete to improve their prostheses.
Control mammary ultrasounds are recommended every 2 years to be sure that the implants are not deteriorated. This way, if the ultrasounds are satisfactory, the implants can last until 10 years approximately with regular check ups, your surgeon will tell you more details about that.

If in one of these ultrasounds one or both implants are found to be deteriorated, they should be replaced. It is not an emergency, so it is perfectly possible to wait several months to change them. In addition, the implant replacement surgery is much more bearable than the first intervention, because the pocket that houses the implant is already done.

It is also true that with the passage of time, weight changes, pregnancies, breastfeeding etc, the skin becomes thinner and the breast will fall, so, it is important to change them.

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Profiles of patients in need of breast implant replacement :

As we have already mentioned, there are several reasons why a prosthesis replacement is performed. The truth is that not all of them are aesthetic, nor are due to decisions of the patient, some are simply necessary.

Aging of the prosthesis : It is not necessary that the implant breaks or folds are formed. If you have had a non-cohesive silicone prosthesis for more than ten years it is advisable to change it for prevention.

Capsular contracture : It is the most common complication in breast surgery. It occurs when the capsule which naturally surrounds the prosthesis hardens causing pain and in some cases even a change of position of the prosthesis.

Bad aesthetic result : A bad result is obtained when the surgery is performed incorrectly or a bad choice of implant size or volume is made.

Need for mastopexy : In case of sagging of the implant.

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Before the intervention

Before your breast implant replacement Tunisia, the patient must have a 1st consultation with the surgeon so as to examine her.
He/she will ask her questions about her medical history (the previous surgeries, breastfeeding, the age of implants...), if she suffers from certain diseases, the reasons of changing the breast prostheses...

The type and shape of the implants will also be discussed during this consultation and chosen together according to the case of the patient (her morphology...).

Blood analysis and a mammography must be performed before the surgery.

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The procedure

Breast implant replacement surgery lasts about 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.
Different techniques can be used depending on the location of the incision, the location of the breast implants as well as the type of implant which is inserted.

The incisions which are about 3 cm in length can be periareolar which means that they follow the margin of the areola only in its lower half or submammary which means that they are placed in the submammary sulcus so that they are hidden by the breasts themselves or submaxillary usually using the scar from previous breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implants which can be of different shapes (anatomical or round) and sizes with more or less pronounced projections can be placed behind the mammary gland or behind the pectoral muscle.

Both of the type, volume and the placement of the implants will be carefully chosen together with the surgeon so as not to alter the harmony of the body and to achieve the most natural result possible.

This type of surgery does not give side effects or prevent breastfeeding.

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How about the recovery period ?

Your surgeon will prescribe you painkillers after breast implant replacement Tunisia so as to relieve pain.
The surgery involves the placement of suction drains that the patient will have to keep 24-48 h in the postoperative period.

Removal of the suction drains and compression bandage will take place after 24 h, the bandage will be replaced by a criss-cross type bra to be worn day and night during the first postoperative month. Stitches will be removed on day 14 and from this time onward, self-massage of the breasts is recommended to promote reabsorption of edema and mobilization of the implants.

It is important not to overload or overtired the pectoral muscles, so reduce all movements that require work of these muscles (driving, lifting heavy objects, holding children) for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

It is recommended not to smoke in the first postoperative weeks.

It is also recommended not to expose oneself to the sun or UVA rays for 1 month after your breast implant replacement Tunisia to avoid pigmentation of the scars.

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The results of breast implant replacement Tunisia

The results of breast implant replacement Tunisia are visible after the intervention, the breasts are harmonious, but, the final results are appreciated from the 3rd postoperative month when the edema has perfectly reabsorbed and the implants have stabilized in their natural position.

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