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Teeth whitening in Tunisia:
Let your teeth shine like the stars

Sooner or later everyone will eventually have dental problems; our use to our teeth creates damage weather it's eating harmful food like when it's too hard, too hot or too cold; or if it's just simply grinding your teeth or biting your nails or something hard like a pen because of stress.

One of the most common dental problems on earth is stained and yellow teeth, every single person has or had them at some point in their lives.

After all our diets consist of foods that add up to that problem such as sodas, coffee, black tea, alcohol.

And most people would feel extremely self-conscious about their stained teeth, not only that it could also lead to other wors conditions such as cavities, gum desiese and even tooth loss.

We always wanted that shining bright smile and that healthy look that white teeth gives when ever we smile, it's aesthetically pleasing and also a good way to keep your mouth in a healthy condition.
We used to think that off the shelf tooth paste is the way for getting white teeth, when in fact it's not.
Teeth whitening is a whole process that requires many tools and a skillful dentist and it takes some steps to reach the goal that you always wanted.
Teeth whitening in Tunisia is one of the most popular dental procedures in the whole country, firstly because the procedure can be done by all dentists.

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How much does Teeth whitening in Tunisia costs?

It comes as no surprise that Teeth whitening in Tunisia is one of the most popular dental procedures that people have, mainly because of it's cost.

Teeth whitening in Tunisia is fairly cheap and doesn't take neither a of time nor a ton of money, you can find the price that best suits you because of how diverse the cost is.

Almost anyone can afford teeth whitening in Tunisia.

Where can i get teeth whitening in Tunisia?

As we said before teeth whitening in Tunisia is highly popular, all dental clinics and hospitals perform the procedure, and they are well equipt with the most top of the line tools and machines.

Teeth whitening in Tunisia is also well practiced, the dental team that Tunisia offers is extremely skillful, with degrees from some of the most well known and best medical universities in the globe.
Almost all dentists perform Teeth whitening in Tunisia, so finding your best suited doctor and favorable price will not be an issue and will be guaranteed to be extremely satisfied with the results.

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What is teeth whitening?

Ever wanted a smile much like that of movies stars or the one that you see on the commercial of tooth paste but never got even though you bought the same exact product.
Well, that's because off shelf tooth paste is not nearly enough to make you have that shining bright smile you always wanted, you will need to have a teeth whitening procedure.
Teeth whitening is a dental medical procedure that involves bleaching the surface of your teeth to make them look lighter, it won't make them as white as snow but it will give them a nice healthy color that will be highly satisfied with.
It's a highly efficient, safe and effective procedure.

Who can have teeth whitening ?

Almost everyone can get a teeth whitening process, it's a simple and efficient way to clean your teeth and make them look shiny.

However, there are some conditions where it's not advised to have the procedure, for example if you have gum disease or other dental problems your dentist will advice against having the teeth whitening procedure until they have been treated.

Teeth whitening also only works on natural teeth, it won't have any affect on false teeth, fillings, veneers or bridges.

The procedure also won't work on aging teeth that have lost their enamel, because under that layer of enamel lay the structure of the tooth called dentin, dentin has a yellow color in it's natural format so bleaching won't work on it.

What are the different types of teeth whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two main most used products in teeth whitening products, however whitening toothpaste removes stains on the surface level using an abrasive ingredient. These agents contain oxygen molecules that weakens the tooth sains on a molecular level.

Generally there are two approaches to teeth whitening treatment which are In-Office Tooth Whitening and Take-home Trays.

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How to prepare for the teeth whitening procedure?

Much like any other dental and medical procedure teeth whitening requires some pre-treatment steps.
You will need to make an appointment with your doctor to have a general check up on the state of your teeth, whitening gel can not penetrate plaque and buildup so your dentist will have to clean them.

You will also need to have check up with the dentist so you will make sure there are no exposed tooth roots because putting whitening products directly on them can lead to a lot of discomfort.

Your dentist will check for the areas of your mouth that the whitening gel can not penetrate like:

  • Previous dental work like bonded area or a porcelain tooth.
  • Areas that are overexposed to fluoride.
  • Injurie or trauma that caused your dentin to darken.

The teeth whitening procedure doesn't require anesthetic so on the day of the appointment it's recommended that you eat something before going to the clinic because you won't be able to eat during the procedure, also eating softens enamel which makes the process easier.

However, you should eat 30 minutes before your appointment and make sure you brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.

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What are the difference between In-Office Whitening and take-home trays?

There are pros and cons to each treatment, but it honestly depends on your preferences and needs.

In-Office Whitening:

Usually in-office tooth whitening treatments are done in a number of short appointments with you dentist, you will have to meet with the dentist beforehand to determine how long it would take, it would depend on your personal desiers.

The whole appointment will take between 1 and 2 hours and it is a fairly simple procedure.

The doctor will begin by examining your teeth, then he or she will apply the whitening agent on them, the agent will be left there for 15 to 30 minutes increments.

There are two types of in-office whitening procedures:

  • A highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied with a syringe.
  • A hydrogen peroxide agent that is combined with a strong light like UV or LED.

The strong lights will be applied using a laser device, halogen light increases teeth lightness more than hydrogen peroxide alone.

However, there are some studies that show using light tools does not have any benefits over using the whitening gel alone.

There are other procedures that the doctor would do such as:

  • To determine the shade of color of your teeth, your dentist will be using a shade chart, with that you will be able o determine what shade best suits you.
  • The dentist will remove all the plaque using a pumic tool.
  • Your mouth will be kept wide open using tools to prevent the whitening agent from touching any fleshy parts in your mouth.
  • The doctor will apply the gel and leave it there for about 30 minutes.
  • Once the whitening process is done your mouth will be rinsed using water, the doctor may use fluoride to mitigate any sensitivity.

The procedure is painless and doesn't require a lot of time, you will be siting in a comfortable chair and you can enjoy watching some TV.

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Take-Home Trays

You can choose to not go to the dentist and have the whitening process at home, they can also be a follow up treatment to the in-office treatment.

Your dentist will make an impression of your to make to create a custom-fabricated tray that will fit you perfectly in your mouth.

You will be using carbamide peroxide-based gel instead of the hydrogen peroxide-based gel.

The get will have a concentration of 10% to 38% carbamide peroxide.

The duration of the treatment will vary from 2 to 10 hours a day and for up to 28 days.

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What comes after the teeth whitening process?

Getting the treatment is not the only thing that will keep your teeth white and your smile shining, now you will have to take care of them.

  • Black tea and coffee.
  • Red and white wine.
  • Sports drinks.
  • Sodas.
  • Fruit juices.
  • Dark colored sauces.
  • Red meat.

You should also brush your teeth daily and keep flossing them, cut down on smoking and have a regular visit to the dental hygienist for a scale and polish.

What are the alternatives to teeth whitening?

While teeth whitening is an easy and effective way to get the shining teeth that you always wanted, it may not be the right choice for you.

Many factors come into play when determining weather it's for you or not, like price or the state of your teeth.

However, there are alternatives that are just as efficient as teeth whitening such as:

  • Tooth bonding.
  • Porcelain Veneers.
  • Lumineers.
  • Dental Crowns.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

Although it's a simple and easy process teeth whitening has some risks to it much like any other dental or medical procedure, some of these risks are:

  • Your gum may be sensitive to the chemicals in teeth whitening.
  • Potential of damaging the dental enamel.
  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Overuse of dental whitening products.
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When your goal is getting your pretty whites shining like the stars Teeth whitening in Tunisia is the best solution for you, it's fairly cheap and one of the most simple dental procedures out there.
And with a highly skilled team of dentists and the procedure having low risk, Teeth whitening in Tunisia has become the go to process to getting a smile you will be proud to show.