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Breast lipofilling Tunisia

The reason for the desire for breast lipofilling is that the breasts are perceived and judged as too small in relation to the rest of the body proportions in addition to the fact that the patient suffers from excess fat in her silhouette.

In some women, the breasts have hardly developed during puberty and have been the trigger of complexes over a long period of time.

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Breast lipofilling Tunisia : the cost

The price breast lipofilling Tunisia is very advantageous, you will benefit from a high quality medical stay, so, ask for a free quote or contact us by phone for more information about this plastic operation.

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Breast lipofilling : who can benefit from it ?

Breast lipofilling is not a suitable procedure for all women. The surgeon will check its feasibility during the preoperative consultation, directing the patient to the right choice.

Ideal candidates are women with a sufficient excess fat in different areas of their silhouette such as their buttocks, hips, arms, abdomen, it must be available to be harvested and injected into the breasts.

Patients must also be in a good health with realistic expectations.

The preoperative consultation

The first meeting before breast lipofilling Tunisia consists mainly of a discussion during which the surgeon listens to the patient's wishes and expectations regarding the surgery and clarifies any doubts she may have. Following a careful examination, the possibility of obtaining the result which is required by the patient and the most suitable surgical technique to achieve it are evaluated depending on the location, the extent of the correction to be made and the patient's particular characteristics (such as skin elasticity and quality of the fatty tissue to be injected).

Moreover, the patient will have to stop smoking before and after the operation and avoid to take medications containing aspirin...

The surgeon provides the prescription of routine preoperative examinations and, depending on the case, the prescription of more specific examinations to exclude pre-existing pathologies that would affect the final result of the surgery.

So, blood analysis and a mammography should be done before the breast lipofilling Tunisia.

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How is it realized ?

Breast lipofilling surgery takes an average of two hours depending on the size of the area(s) to be treated and the technical time for preparation of the aspirated fat tissue to be infiltrated.
The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

The steps of breast lipofilling surgery are :

Extraction of excess fat tissue from different areas of the silhouette (the hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks...) through micro cannulas, connected to small syringes equipped with a reservoir for fat collection.

Treatment of the harvested fat tissue, by centrifugation, so as to purify it of excess fluid.

Injection of the filtered fat, into the supra glandular area with a very thin cannula connected to a syringe.
Repetition of the procedure until the desired correction is obtained.

Conclusion of the procedure with application of elastic compression bandage.

The use of thin cannulas, through small incisions made in the skin folds of the body allows the surgery to be performed without leaving visible scars.

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Breast lipofilling Tunisia : the recovery period

After your breast lipofilling Tunisia, your surgeon will prescribe you painkillers to reduce the pain.

After the removal of surgical dressings, you will wear the elastic sheath for about 3 to 4 weeks to reduce any bruising or swelling (their appearance is normal) that will fade with time.

Avoid large arm movements and heavy lifting for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

Do not smoke for at least one month so as not to compromise the integration of the grafted fat.

It is possible to resume work activities after about 2 weeks if not excessively strenuous, but it depends on the case of each patient, your surgeon will indicate you the period of resumption.

Sports activities can be resumed after 2 to 3 months with the consent of your plastic surgeon.

For at least one month, avoid direct exposure to the sun or intense heat.

You should follow all the recommendations of your surgeon for the smooth running of the intervention and for optimal results.

Breast lipofilling : the results

The result of your breast lipofilling Tunisia is very natural, it is visible after the procedure, however, the final result will be appreciated after about 3 to 6 months.

The advantages

Breast lipofilling certainly represents a viable, effective and safe surgical alternative. This surgery is suitable for all women who wish to increase the volume of their breasts without implants and make them more feminine.

The benefits of breast lipofilling are numerous :

  • Lipofilling is safe and has a very low risk of complications. In fact, the substance that is injected to give volume to the emptied breast is fat. The use of this "natural filler" that comes directly from the patient's body eliminates the possibility of rejection or allergies.
  • It is the least invasive method to enlarge the breast and improve its aesthetics. The fat transfer requires only the use of very thin needles and does not involve large incisions.
  • The results of breast lipofilling are very natural looking. Even compared to breast implants, breast lipofilling turns out to be the best alternative for those who want to achieve totally natural-looking breasts.
  • The fat, in addition to giving a softness to the touch different from the implant, helps renew cells and leaves the skin more toned and elastic.
  • Lipofilling and liposuction can be combined in one surgery, so, the patient does not only get rid of excess fat in her silhouette but also increases the volume of her breasts.
  • The scars of lipofilling are hardly noticeable. Usually, breast lipofilling involves only microincisions as the thickness of the microcannulas used for grafting is minimal. As a result, after lipofilling surgery, scars are almost unnoticeable.
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