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Penoplasty Tunisia

Always throughout history, penis size has been a source of anxiety for men. However, penis enlargement surgery has only become a popular topic in recent years.

The objective of this intervention is to enlarge the penis for purely personal and aesthetic reasons but especially when the man has a real size problem and when it seriously affects his life in a negative way, so, penoplasty is not only for aesthetic reasons but also to restore an organ to its normal size and shape, not having developed properly during puberty.

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Penoplasty Tunisia : how much does it cost ?

The price penoplasty Tunisia is advantageous, so don’t hesitate to ask for a free online quote or contact us by phone for more details about this plastic surgery.

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The best candidates for penoplasty

Men with a shorter than normal penis length
Penises with deformities due to circumcision errors
Men whose penis thickness is thinner than normal and whose direction is curved in different directions
Those with excess fat on the penis may require penoplasty.
The surgery does not create a loss of sensation, feeling, pleasure and erection.

Before the surgery

Penoplasty surgery can not be performed without an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon in order to make a preoperative assessment.
It will allow for additional examinations, if necessary, and to define the type of anaesthesia to be applied.

As a precaution and in order to give the surgery every chance of success, it is recommended to avoid taking aspirin and any medication containing aspirin 10 days before the operation.

In order to facilitate the taking of fat grafts, it is recommended to avoid smoking one month before and two months after penoplasty Tunisia.

Above all, do not forget to fast on the day of the operation.

Generally, the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Blood analysis must be realized before your penoplasty Tunisia.

The patient must follow all the recommendations of his surgeon.

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The procedure

Penile length extension

In this surgery, the suspansor ligament known as the hanging ligament of the penis which is located between the root of the penis and the pubic bone is cut. Therefore, the penis that remains in the body is extracted. With this part, elongation appears in the length of the penis. It should not be forgotten that the penis in the normal position increases in length. The length of the erect penis is also lengthened. As a result of the operation, about 4 to 5 cm of elongation occurs. Another method used in overweight people is to remove fat in that area. The purpose of this procedure is the appearance of the penis that is incorporated. In this way, lengthening of the penis is assured.

Penis thickening

Penile thickening surgery is performed using special fillers, composite tissue transfers and fat injections. Fat injection is the most preferred of these methods. Adipose tissue is taken from other parts of the body. This tissue is injected into the concerned area in the patient by applying some special procedures.
After this procedure, 40% of the tissue becomes permanent after 6 months. The fat remaining in the penis during this period is permanent. According to the person's request, this procedure is repeated after 6 months.

Penile thickening with filler injection

Specially prepared filler material is injected into the appropriate places to provide thickening. The permanence or temporariness of this method varies depending on the substances in the injected filler. The filler injection procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. It usually ends in success.

Penile thickening with tissue transfer and fat transfer

Tissues in the patient’s body are removed. These tissues are injected into the fatty tissues deemed appropriate in the penis. General anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia is used in this operation.
As mentioned, there are two different methods in the penis thickening operation. The surgeon performs the necessary tests and examinations for the patient. As a result of these, he decides which method will be successful and applies that method according to his case.

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After your penoplasty Tunisia

Attention should be paid when cleaning the operated area so as not to get germs. In addition, it is important that dressings are done without interruption.
To reduce the swelling that will occur after penoplasty, you can cool without damaging the tissue and skin by wrapping ice in the towel.

Having sexual intercourse and masturbation until the tissues of the penis are completely healed are dangerous. This period is about 1.5 to 2 months.

If your doctor has prescribed medications that you need to use, use them regularly. There is a risk of some complications if not used.

Stay away from tight clothes such as underwear and pants that wrap tightly around the body for a while.
Wait 30 days to play sports after surgery. After this time, you can start playing sports.

After penoplasty Tunisia, you can use underwear that has supportive features.

Showers should not be taken for 3 days after surgery. At the same time, it is uncomfortable to shower with hot water for 7 days after surgery.

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The results

It is after 15 days of penoplasty Tunisia that the result can be seen. Once the healing process is finished, the patient will gain between 3 and 4 centimeters in length. However, this change is seen only when the penis is at rest.
Patients are satisfied with the result of the procedure which is usually very natural and the scarring is hidden.

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