Aram Clinic: The leader in cosmetic surgery

Aram's Tunisian partner clinics

When you decide to undergo a surgery in Tunisia, Aram Clinic offers you the best choice in clinics with a large variety.
We pride ourselves in being one of the top clinics for medical tourism.
The choice is based on common values, the same vision between our agency and its partners.

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The mission of Aram Clinic's partners

Our mission is to provide our patients with the best medical care possible in the most state of the art Clinics and with the most suitable cost.

  • We offer basic care, as well as a wide range of specialised services (including some areas of highly specialised aesthetic medicine), in order to meet the needs of our patients in the field of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.
  • To contribute to the initial and ongoing training of health professionals who directly and indirectly care for patients. The training commitment is expected to grow with the Mastering of Human Medicine and Nursing.
  • To promote research as a basis for development and innovation in medicine, to create optimal conditions to promote clinical research and to contribute to the progress of medical and nursing sciences and techniques.
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Our vision towards a world-class clinic

Our main focus and vision is to provide our patients with the best medical care possible when choosing our partner clinics.

Focusing on providing clinics that have cutting-edge technology in the fields of cosmetic surgery and other highly complex specialized services.

Our partner clinics are international in scope and comply with the legislation and regulations.

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Values of Aram Clinic

At Aram Clinic we share these values to try and reach a multidisciplinary vision:

  • Patient orientation.
  • Commitment to evidence-based medicine.
  • Professionalism, responsibility/accountability and skillfulness.
  • Transparent communication with respect and complete confidentiality.
  • Promotion of knowledge.
  • Collaboration and participation.
  • Innovation.
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Our quality and Patient safety

The main reason why Aram Clinic is considered one of the top medical facilities in Tunisia is because our main focus is quality of care and patient safety.

Aram Clinic's priority is meeting our patient's high-quality standards and providing them with the upmost comfort before, during and after your medical procedure.

At Aram Clinic, quality of care and patient safety are ensured through the constant application of the principles of transparency, responsibility, collaboration and involvement.

The medical staff at Aram Clinic is highly trained not only to do the most efficient operation only, but also to always evaluate and check their work and report any criticality.

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