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Cheekbone augmentation Tunisia

Cheekbone augmentation transforms the appearance of a face, leaving it with a fresher, rejuvenated and firmer image.

Medically, the cheekbones are a small bone in our skull that is located parallel to the nose, just at the top of the cheeks.

However, when we talk about cheekbones, we are referring to the entire section of the face including the musculature and skin that lies on top of the skull.

So a cheekbone augmentation is a procedure that aims at raising the volume of the dermal surface in order to obtain a more stylized and attractive appearance.

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Cheekbone augmentation Tunisia : how about the price ?

To have the price cheekbone augmentation Tunisia, ask for a free quote or contact us on our phone numbers that you will find on our website for more information, we will be pleased to answer all your questions and guide you throughout your medical stay.

Why is it performed ?

The passage of time and gravity cause the aging of the face which among other signs leads to sagging skin. These signs are especially visible on the face and can even change the facial expressions, revealing a sadder and tired face. Specifically in the cheekbones, the accumulated fat and skin precipitate, so that the cheeks look deflated and affect the overall appearance of the face.

For this reason, many patients choose cheekbone augmentation Tunisia as a facial rejuvenation treatment to improve the overall appearance of the face.

Moreover, This operation will allow them to feel in harmony with themselves by having a more harmonious and youthful face.

It is for patients in a good health and with realistic expectations.

Preoperative consultation

Before your cheekbone augmentation Tunisia and before any other intervention, the patient must meet the surgeon for a first consultation in order to diagnose him/her and examine his/her state of health.

He/she will ask him/her questions about his/her medical history (the surgeries he/she has undergone before, the treatment he/she is taking, whether he/she suffers from certain diseases, he/she will also give him/her instructions that he/she must follow before and after the procedure.

Medications containing aspirin as well as smoking must be stopped before the intervention.

The patient must do blood analysis before the operation.

The procedure

Cheekbone augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

The prosthesis is introduced through an incision placed inside the mouth or on the edge of the lower eyelid, blepharoplasty type. If a facelift or blepharoplasty is performed at the same time, the same access routes can be used. The implants must be placed precisely and symmetrically and, depending on the type, may be secured with stitches to prevent displacement.

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After cheekbone augmentation Tunisia

After cheekbone augmentation Tunisia, there is usually some edema of the region associated with ecchymosis of the face for a few days, it is a normal phenomenon, they will diseappear rapidly with time.

The surgeon will prescribe you painkillers in order to alleviate the postoperative pain and for more comfort after the intervention.

It is therefore necessary to rest and plan for abstention from work and social life for about a week.

Sports activities must also be stopped and resumed with the consent of your surgeon.

The result

The result can be fully evaluated not earlier than one to two months, but the final one will be appreciated after about nine months.

The patient will have well-defined cheekbones in harmony with the rest of the face which will allow him/her to regain confidence by having a more beautiful facial appearance.

Its effects

When you undergo a cheekbone augmentation you get a very significant rejuvenation of your face. You recover a lot of firmness by tightening the skin that has lost elasticity and volume over the years.
This is a muscular section that also loses resistance and mobility. So an aesthetic change makes your facial expressions look like those you had in your past.

On the other hand, if aging is not a problem for you because you are going through your younger years, you can be sure that many benefits abound for your face if you have a cheekbone augmentation since this is a change that gives a lot of fullness to your cheekbones, correcting several facial asymmetries and harmonizing the features of your daily gestures.

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