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Canthopexy Tunisia

This is a minor surgery that is usually performed as a complement to eyelid surgery which is blepharoplasty (rejuvenation of the look by removing excess skin and fat in the upper and / or lower eyelid), although it is possible to perform the treatment independently. The objective is to obtain a greater tension in the lower eyelid, giving the eye an almond shape, correcting the patient’s sad and tired appearance.
This treatment is popular as it is a very effective solution to achieve the effect of the feline look or also known as foxy eyes.

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Canthopexy Tunisia : the cost

To have the price canthopexy Tunisia, ask for a free online quote or contact us by phone to get more details about this technique.

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For whom is this intervention suitable ?

People who decide to undergo canthopexy often suffer from discomfort in the eye or gaze area. The most frequent reasons are as follow :

  • To get rid of the sad facial expression caused by drooping eyelids.
  • To eliminate aging signs and eye bags.
  • They have very round eyes and are looking for a more almond shape.

In addition, these patients feel that they have been losing field of vision over the years. Therefore, canthopexy is the ideal solution to completely improve these problems.

During the consultation and after examination, the surgeon will tell you whether you can opt for it or not according to your case.

Before the procedure

Before your canthopexy Tunisia, you will have a preoperative consultation with the surgeon so as to examine you, he/she will ask you questions about your medical history (the surgeries you performed before, if you are under treatment or suffer from certain diseases or complications...), then, he/she will give you instructions that you must follow before and after the intervention.

Blood analysis must be performed before your procedure so as to be sure you can undergo it without problems.

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How is it performed ?

The surgeon will make a small incision in the upper eyelid through the canthal tendon, tightening and fixing it to lift the lower eyelid. This procedure produces a certain tension in the angle of the eye and lifts the outer corner of it, significantly rejuvenating the gaze.
After a few small stitches, the canthopexy surgery is completed in just over an hour and is realized under general anaesthesia.

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Canthopexy Tunisia : after the procedure

After your canthopexy Tunisia, it is necessary to rest for 3 days.

Your surgon will prescribe you painkillers to reduce the pain and for more comfort, he/she will also indicate you the steps to follow for an adequate postoperative period and that you must follow for optimal results.
Usually the normal activity can be resumed from the 3rd day after surgery.

Canthopexy results

The results of canthopexy Tunisia are as follow :

It rejuvenates the eyes.

The shape of the eyes becomes more almond-shaped and sweet (foxy eyes).

It provides a good facial sensation and rejuvenates the look and facial expression.

We get a new shape for the eyes, making them more stylized and exotic.

It provides a "mini-lifting effect" around the eyelid skin.

It corrects the lax lower eyelid for a less tired appearance, eliminating the feeling of sadness.

It treats ectropion, also called "sad eye" (no contact between the lower eyelid and the corneal surface).

It corrects hypotonia that causes decreased muscle tone so that the eyes appear flaccid.

It partially resolves asymmetries caused by facial paralysis.

It stylizes eyes that are too round due to hyperthyroidism and other causes.

In patients with myopia, it prevents the "bulging eye" effect.

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The benefits of canthopexy

The benefits of canthopexy are numerous :

Cosmetic surgery not only affects everyone's appearance, but it is also a means to improve our perception or evaluation of ourselves.

The main thing we find is the fact that despite focusing on the eyes and the surrounding frame, the results do not only show changes in these areas, but also have positive impacts on the psychological level.

This intervention allows the patient to have a rejuvenated look and thus beautiful eyes which will make/her feel more self-confident and more comfortable in his/her daily life.

Over time, the field of medicine has continued to evolve in relation to the technology which is used.