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Nymphoplasty in Tunisia:
Feel good about your privates

Physical looks is our first interaction with others; it's the first thing we see when we meet someone, how they dress, how they look, how they carry them selves will give you an idea about which this person is.

As a highly social species, we human always try our best to look our best, it's after all the mirror to which we are.

And that doesn't stop only with the visible attributes, some are hidden and yet they make us feel like are as important as the clearly visible physical attributes.
One of the main physical features about a woman is the way the vaginal area looks, specifically the labia.

If it's too big or looks a bit weird then it could lead to some discomfort, and a lack of self-esteem, after all it is your womanly identity and you would want it to look how you always want it to look.
That's why nymphoplasty in Tunisia exists, it is your way to getting the private parts you always wanted and the solution to having your confidence back.
nymphoplasty in Tunisia ils highly simple and doesn't take much time and also comes with low to no risk factor.

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How much does Nymphoplasty in Tunisia costs?

If you are thinking about having Nymphoplasty in Tunisia then you are making the best financial decision.
Nymphoplasty in Tunisia costs about 50% less than other countries like U.K. and the U.S., after all it is a very simple procedure and every woman deserves to feel good about her self and the way she looks and that shouldn't come with a high price tag.
With Aram Clinic you will have the best deal when it comes to having Nymphoplasty in Tunisia, we offer an all-inclusive deal.

The all-inclusive deal of Nymphoplasty in Tunisia comes with:

  • The doctor's fees.
  • Medication costs.
  • Medical transportation costs.
  • The Hotel stay.

With all of this it's easy to see why so many women choose to have Nymphoplasty in Tunisia.

Where can you get Nymphoplasty in Tunisia?

Aram Clinic has a group of some of the best highly technologically advanced partner clinics in all of Tunisia.

We pride ourselves in being the best in business because we follow our code of ethics which includes:

  • Making sure that the patient is fully relaxed.
  • Providing the best prices.
  • Being highly professional.
  • Having your personal information classified.

You will have Nymphoplasty in Tunisia with the help of our highly educated and skilfull medical team and will assure you a well lived experience and the results that you always wanted.

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What is Nymphoplasty?

Nymphoplasty also known as labia minora reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of saggy or over size Labia majora, The labia is also known as lips.

The procedure is usually done for aesthetic or functional reasons; an over sized labia can be the cause of some discomfort like it could keep rubbing against clothing or the inability to wear some types of underwear.

Over sized or unusually shaped labia can be the cause of sexual problems such as pain when performing vaginal penetration, and that can lead many women to feeling embarrassed.

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How to prepare for nymphoplasty surgery?

Before the procedure you will need to have some preparations for it, these are not too big and they won't change your life style that much.

It's very advised that patients should stop smoking before 3 weeks from the date of the operation and after the procedure is done in order to favor local vascularization and healing.

Your doctor will instruct you to avoid anti-inflammatory medication like Aspirin 8 days before the surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Depending on your profession you will need to stop working during 2 to 7 days.

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aram clinic

What happens during Nymphoplasty surgery?

The doctor will begin by inserting the anesthetic in your system; the anesthetic can be local, deep local or general depending on your preference.

The operation consists of trimming excess skin around your inner labia, The excess is removed along the lip.

One of the most used techniques is the triangular one where the back half of the lip is surgically cut in a triangular shape, and the folds of the lip are reserved and the scars are invisible behind the labia minora

The surgery lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes.

How will the recovery from Nymphoplasty go?

You will be able to return home at the same day of the operation but you will need to have someone drive you back.

Depending on your condition and operation, you will be returning to work in a few days, however sports will take longer, at least 2 weeks.

Walking may seem difficult and painful but it will only last for about a day or two, and you will need to take extra rest.

Sexual intercourse will need to wait for a while, from 4 to 6 weeks after the operation to allow the healing process to take place.

You will also need to thoroughly clean your lips after every time you use the toilet to reduce the risk of infections, proper hygiene is instrumental in ensuring that you heal properly.

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When will the results of Nymphoplasty Show?

You have just finished your surgery, congratulations and well done, now you may ask your self, how long will it take for the results to show?

The result are immediately shown after the procedure is done, but a local oedema of the labia minora, more or less important, will appears within about 3 weeks.

The final result can be visible in about 2 months after the operation.

What are the risks of Nymphoplasty?

Nymphoplasty comes with some minor risks, they are rare how ever you will need to be wary of them before you decide on having the surgery.

Some of these risks are:

  • A haematoma.
  • Infections.
  • Temporary sensitivity during vaginal penetration.
  • A scarring disunity.
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aram clinic


Being able to feel good about yourself is a priority, and it shouldn't be a dream just because you can't afford it or unable to have it your country.

That's why Aram clinic offers you the chance to have Nymphoplasty in Tunisia with the lowest prices and with the help of the most professional medical team you can find.
With Aram Clinic you will have the body you always dreamed of.