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Body lift Tunisia

A body lift (also called a full body lift or bodylift) is an operation in which a surgeon removes excess or sagging skin tissue from the body. The classic reason to opt for this procedure is massive weight loss. Anyone who has lost 50 or more kilos as a result of a change in diet or gastric bypass surgery, for example, first experiences an unattractive effect : the skin hangs down like flaps on the abdomen, buttocks, chest, arms, hips and thighs. If the sagging skin flaps form in the lower abdominal area, this is also called a fat apron.

The affected person has lost many kilos, but because the skin tissue has sagged due to years of enormous overstretching, it can no longer form back. The remaining skin mantle is too large for the slimmed silhouette.
This is often perceived as unaesthetic by those affected and can become a considerable psychological burden for them.

bodylift tunisie

Body lift Tunisia : how much does it cost ?

Body Lift is a plastic intervention performed in Tunisia by the most competent plastic surgeons during a high quality medical stay.

So, to have price body lift Tunisia, ask for a free online quote or contact our counselors by phone for more information.

Who is suitable for this intervention ?

Many people who lose weight want to have a body lift. However, a patient must meet certain criteria to be eligible for surgery :

You have lost 30 to 50 percent of your maximum weight.

You suffer from additional layers of sagging skin or tissue around the abdomen.

You are in a good health as this operation requires general anaesthesia.

You do not plan to be pregnant after the body lift operation as this may adversely affect the results of the procedure.

The preoperative consultation and instructions for body lift surgery

As any other surgery, you must meet the surgeon before your body lift Tunisia so as to examine you, ask you questions about your expectations, explain you the whole procedure such as the recovery period, results, risks...

Before the body lift, the patient should follow the doctor's instructions in order to reduce the risk of complications during the operation.

Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for a period of two weeks to one month before the operation.

Avoid taking certain medications which may cause bleeding during the operation.

Therefore, you should inform your doctor about any medications you are currently taking or whether you suffer from certain diseases or allergies.

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Remain on an empty stomach for 12 hours before your body lift Tunisia.

Rest well before the operation, this will help the body heal better.

Moreover, Before undergoing body lift surgery, patients should have reached their normal or desired weight and have kept it stable for at least six months, preferably longer. In addition, they should have become aware of the reasons for their severe overweight and have well integrated healthier eating habits and regular exercise into their daily routine in order to avoid gaining weight again as much as possible. This is because if those affected quickly gain weight again after the body lift, the excess tissue can press on the scars.

Blood analysis must be realized before the intervention.

How is it performed ?

The intervention is realized under general anaesthesia and lasts between 3 and 7 hours, it depends on your case.
A distinction is made between the "lower body lift" and "upper body lift".
The procedure of the body lift surgery

During the lower body lift, the surgeon makes a belt-shaped incision on the lower abdomen and performs an abdominoplasty. In the process, he removes excess skin and subcutaneous fat (this includes the so-called fat apron). He usually also reshapes and repositions the belly button. Once this wound is closed, the patient is turned over onto the abdominal side and the surgeon now tightens the buttocks and thighs. During the procedure, the patient is repositioned several times including on their side and back.

During the upper body lift, the surgeon makes an incision on the inside of the upper arm to remove excess skin and fatty tissue on the upper arm. He also makes an incision horizontally on the mid-back (at the level of the bra line) to remove tissue there.

At the end of the surgery, the surgeon closes the incisions in several layers with self-dissolving sutures so that no suture removal is necessary later. To prevent wound healing problems, he places small drains to drain the wound fluid that develops. As a rule, these are removed within the first week (usually after 48 hours) after the procedure.

After your body lift Tunisia

After your body lift Tunisia, feelings of tension and pain may occur, the latter can be relieved with painkillers prescribed by your surgeon.
Swelling and numbness in the operated areas are also normal after such an operation and soon disappear. For the first six to twelve weeks after surgery, the patient should wear a compression girdle that extends from above the knees to below the ribcage. It supports the healing of the skin and soft tissue.

For the first 14 days after surgery, patients should avoid prolonged sitting and standing. To boost circulation and promote wound healing, it is important to walk a few steps frequently at a leisurely pace. In order to take sufficient care of the body, patients should also take a break from lying down every now and then to recover. However, they should avoid strenuous physical activity and sports for eight weeks. It is also important to avoid direct sunlight for six months as this can discolor the scars.

The results

The results of body lift Tunisia are excellent and can be seen immediately after the operation, but the final ones are appreciated after few months.

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