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Bichectomy Tunisia

Bichectomy is one of the most popular facial surgeries today. Styling the face with this simple intervention is the best solution for a more harmonious facial appearance.

The cases of many celebrities who have already undergone surgery to remove the bichat balls and thus refine the face, highlighting their most attractive features are well known : Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Enrique Iglesias, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, Tom Cruise and many more.

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Bichectomy Tunisia : its cost

The price of bichectomy Tunisia is attractive and affordable, ask for a free online quote in order to obtain its cost and contact us by phone for more information about this procedure and your medical stay.

You will be operated on by the best plastic surgeons for a high quality medical stay.

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Bichectomy : for whom is it suitable ?

The bichat balls vary in size from one person to another. In some cases they can cause the appearance of a rounder face with angles and poorly defined features. In these cases, performing a Bichectomy surgery would help to have more harmony in the physical appearance of the patient, more balance in the appearance of the face with the complexion of the body. But, it is important not to confuse this aspect of having cheeks in the case of overweight patients in general, since in the case of losing weight, the appearance of the face would also change.

This procedure is for patients in a good health with realistic expectations.

The preoperative consultation

In the first consultation, the surgeon examines the patient and advises him or her about the surgery by listening to his/her needs and what results could be achieved. In this first consultation, detailed information will be given about the procedure : the benefits of reducing the Bichat balls, but also the possible disadvantages and risks of buccal fat removal Tunisia.

In this first interview, the surgeon will also ask you question about your medical history : the surgeries you have undergone before, if you are under treatment, whether you suffer from diseases...

Don't hesitate to ask him/her any questions you may have.

Blood analysis must be done before the procedure.

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How is it realized ?

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts approximately one hour.
Regarding anaesthesia, some surgeons prefer general anaesthesia for more comfort and others prefer local anaesthesia. Your doctor will recommend what best suits your needs and your case.

The procedure itself is quite simple. A 15 to 20 millimetre incision is made inside the mouth and a portion of the Bichat's balls are removed. The amount depends on the patient.

Then one or two stitches are made to close the wound. There are no visible scars because the approach is made from inside the mouth. This is also why the results are very natural.

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Bichectomy Tunisia : what about the recovery period ?

Bichectomy Tunisia has a quick recovery. It is essential to follow a soft diet for the first two days, but, it does not require too much care in the postoperative period. The stitches are absorbable and the scar is not visible.

In the days following the procedure (and up to a week afterwards), the patient will have swelling around the cheek area, similar to an operation to remove wisdom teeth. Some surgeons apply a bandage but it is not mandatory. It is recommended to apply ice to the swollen area to reduce the swelling and also to sleep with the head elevated and upwards.

As mentioned above, liquid or soft foods are recommended during the first week and it is very important to have an excellent oral hygiene during the days following your buccal fat removal in order to avoid infections. Your surgeon may recommend a special mouthwash.

After 10 to 15 days, the thread will fall out on its own and, as the incision is made inside the mouth, there will be no scarring.

The professional activities can be resumed after three days.

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The result

Patients who have had a bichectomy Tunisia have hollow cheeks and a more pronounced and contoured facial contour. The face is more angular and this gives the impression that the patient has lost weight.

The aim of bichectomy is to achieve a more refined profile, a slimmer and more defined face, with the typical 'hollowness' between the malar (the bone that forms the cheekbone) and the lower jaw.

The final results will be appreciated from the 3rd month.

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