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Testicular biopsy in Tunisia:
being safe has become simple

It is always better to be safe than sorry, after all it's a very popular saying, and it's very true.

In our modern day it's highly important to always check if you have or there is a possibility of a disease and weather you are able to stop it before it becomes more complicated.

Well with Testicular biopsy you are able to do that and more.

The procedure is not simply just a check up; it has many other uses.

If you as a male have a problem conceiving or if you want to donate your sperm to help out others then this is the best and simplest procedure for you.
Testicular biopsy in Tunisia has become the go to operation for men to have a check up and to help them with fertility issues.

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How much does Testicular biopsy in Tunisia costs?

The procedure it self is extremely efficient and simple, so it's usually none costly at all.
However Testicular biopsy in Tunisia costs way less and comes with an unmatched package deal.
Aram Clinic offers Testicular biopsy in Tunisia with an all-inclusive package; includes a stay in a highly classy hotel for your post operation rest, the doctor's and medical team's full expenses, post-operation costs like medicine and the transportations fees that are connecter to the procedure.
With options like this it's easy to see why Testicular biopsy in Tunisia is the best choice for you, besides Tunisia is considered one of the best countries for medical tourism.
Testicular biopsy in Tunisia is very well balanced in price to allow everyone to have the operation without draining your savings.

Where can i get Testicular biopsy in Tunisia?

Being one of the best medical tourism countries in the world, Tunisia has some of the best highly advanced medical clinics.
Aram Clinic is fully equipped with the top of the line medical tools and machines that allow Testicular biopsy in Tunisia and many other highly complex operations to be performed.
And we should't forget about the highly skilled medical team, with an arsenal of education from some of the best universities in the world you can be sure that when you decided to have Testicular biopsy in Tunisia you will be well taken care of before, during and after the operation.
If you are looking for the best possible choice then look no further, Aram clinic offers Testicular biopsy in Tunisia with a guaranteed relaxing experience.

What is Testicular biopsy?

Testicular biopsy is a surgical procedure that is aimed to collect tissue samples from the male testicles in order for it to be analysed and tested.
The procedure can be for a number of reasons, either a diagnostic for possible cancerous lumps in the testes, checking for the causes of male infertility or obtaining sperm samples for other procedures like IVF.

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What are the types of Testicular Biopsy?

Mainly there are two different procedures for Testicular Biopsy; they are performed based on the goal of the patient.

Open Biopsy

Also called a surgical biopsy, it's a surgical operation that starts by making an incision in the testicle, the surgeon will collect a small tissue sample then end up by closing the cut using stitches.

Percutaneous Biopsy

In this operation the doctor doesn't not need to make a cut to collect the samples, instead a thin needle is inserted into the testicles, at the end of the needle there's a syringe placed there so it would collect the tissue samples.

How to prepare for Testicular biopsy?

Before the operation begins there are many preparations that you will need to do inorder to be ready for Testicular biopsy, some preparations are done with the doctor and some by yourself.

Medical preparations

The first step in male infertility evaluation is taking blood tests, semen analysis and an overall check up on you medical history.
The seme analysis is necessary to test the quality and quantity of your sperm; the first sample is obtained by regular masturbation.

The semen analysis may identify problems like, low quality sperm, low quantity of sperm or absence of sperm which is also called azoospermia.

In the case of the first tests being none conclusive, your doctor will perform a testicular biopsy, it's mainly used to

  • Diagnostic of testicular cancer.
  • The cause of the lump in testes.
  • The reason behind the low sperm production.
  • Retrievingsperm for IVF.

Other preparations

You will need to tell your doctor about any prescription or medication that you are taking and determine weather these meds can be used before or during the operation.

Some drugs can cause problems, including any medication that can cause blood clotting, blood thinners or anticoagulants, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin.

Since the operation will be done under general anesthesia, you will need to fast from food and liquids for at least 8 hours before the test.

How is Testicular biopsy performed?

The procedure takes around 15 to 20 minutes and is an outpatient operation; you will be performing the surgery at the docto's office or at the hospital.

To make sure that you stay completely still, the surgeon will use general anesthesia, the doctor may also give you a sedative to help you relax.

Your doctor will ask you to lie on your back, inorder to remove all traces of bacteria your scrotum will be cleaned, after the cleaning the doctor will inject it with local anesthesia, you may feel a slight sting.

During Open Biopsy

If you are having an Open Biopsy, the procedure will begin by making a small incision through the skin; a very small piece of testicular tissue will be removed, this is not painful although you may feel a slight pressure.

When the tissue is collected and secured, the doctor will end the procedure by closing the cut in the testicle using one absorbable stitch and one other to close the skin.

During Percutaneous Biopsy

This procedure solely depends on the type of needle that the doctor will be using either a core needle or a fine needle.

In both cases, a needle is injected in the testicle through the skin.

If your doctor uses a core needle then you will be able to hear a clicking noise when the tissue is being extracted.

If the doctor is operating with a fine needle; a syringe will draw out the testicular tissue.

How will the recovery from Testicular biopsy go?

After the procedure is done, your doctor will give you some instruction and advice so that your healing phase goes smoothly, the instructions will vary depending on the what biopsy you had.

Some advices that the doctor could give are:

  • If you have soreness in the operation area use acetaminophen.
  • It's wise to keep the operation area dry, avoid washing it for several days.
  • Avoid medicines like aspirin.
  • Stay away from sexual encounter for at least one or two weeks.
  • An athletic supporter should help you stay comfy.

There are other routinely discomforts that are common after having Testicular biopsy such as swelling and small amounts of bleeding, your doctor will tell you all about them.

What are the risks of Testicular Biopsy?

Testicular Biopsy does not pose any threat at all to erection or fertility problems after the procedure.

However, the procedure does have some potential risks, here's some of them:

  • Having a high fever or chills.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Hematoma.
  • Sever swelling and pain in the scrotum.
  • Infections.


Some procedures may sound scary or uncomfortable to do either physically or socially, but that doesn't remove the fact that they are extremely important and in some cases they could save your life.
Testicular biopsy is one of those procedures, having it may help you identify a problem before it becomes more complicated, and it could be the reason that you can have children and start your own family.
And if you are worried about the efficiency, then you should have Testicular biopsy in Tunisia.
With a staff that is so highly skilled and with prices that bo one can match, Testicular biopsy in Tunisia is your solution to a better healthy future, and Aram Clinic will provide you with all of that with an unmatched package.

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