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We all have physical attributes that we dislike in our body, weather it's a big nose or having small breasts or dental deformity, they all make us feel self-concious about physical appearance and that feeling of doubt can effect other aspects in your life.

Many people consider plastic surgery because they want to be the best version of themselves, not just in the eyes of other but to feel satisfied when they look in the mirror and see the body they always dreamed of.

Now you may ask where is the best place to have a cosmetic surgery, well that is an easy answer, Tunisia is your best destination when trying to have the best experience and the most efficient operations.

Being one of the top countries in Africa in medical tourism, Tunisia is the best destination to have a relaxing operation.

At Aram Clinic and it's partners we can offer you the best medical care in all of Tunis.

With our highly trained staff and our unmatched deals Aram Clinic and its partners pride them selves on being the best in the cosmetic surgery department.

Aram Clinic is an expert agency in cosmetic, reconstructive, bariatric and dental surgery in Tunisia, which offers a wide variety of surgical procedures, including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction, gastric sleeve, dental veneers.

The price of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

All-inclusive price of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

Besides being one of the lead countries in medical tourism, Tunisia has a reputation for providing high-quality cosmetic surgery at low prices. Tunisian cosmetic surgeons perform tens of thousands of cosmetic operations each year for this very reason.

What's even more interesting is that plastic surgery in Tunisia costs about 50% less than other places in the world.

For example, a breast augmentation with implants in France can cost up to 7,000 euros, whereas in Tunisia, the maximum price is around 2,500 euros and can go down to 2,200 euros.

Moreover, Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia at Aram Clinic comes with an all-inclusive deal that allow our patients to have the best and most relaxing pre, during and post-operation period, this deal includes:

  • The fees of the medical team
  • Transport once the patient has arrived in Tunis
  • Medical centre fees
  • Pre and post operative nursing care.
  • Provision of certain restraint garments

With this in mind, Aram Clinic has designed the best offers, with a competitive quality/price ratio, while respecting the code of ethics of each intervention.

To obtain a price estimate for your medical stay in Tunisia, we invite you to fill in the quote form. A quick, detailed and thorough answer will be given to you.

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Aram clinic's wide range of
cosmetic surgery in Tunis

In order for us to make your aesthetic journey successful and efficient, Aram Clinic has a large variety of plastic surgery procedures thanks to an exclusive partnership with the best plastic surgeons and the most famous clinics in Tunisia.

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Our advanced medical facilities in Tunisia

To make sure that a highly classy and professional experience, Aram Clinic makes sure to be partnering with the most high-end and technologically advanced clinics in all of Tunisia.
The partnership between our agency and the medical institutions according to a rigorous quality charter, which is based on:

  • Cutting edge medical equipment.
  • Optimal comfort in the hospital rooms.
  • The most professional medical team always ready and available.
  • Having access to several operating theatres.
  • The integration of a medical imaging centre within the clinic.

Aram clinic sets high standards for its partners, our vision and mission is to deliver you the expected comfort with the expected results.

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Our medical team

What makes Aram Clinic and its partners on top of the list of medical facilities is not only the technological advancement and the cutting edge medical technology, it's also our highly professional medical team.

With a high education and being graduated from some of the best universities in the world, you can be sure that when you decided to have plastic surgery in Tunisia you will be well taken care of before, during and after the operation.

Our surgeons are all registered with the National Order of Physicians, they are highly respected withing the medical society

The post-operative follow-up

Before deciding on having Plastic surgery in Tunisia, you should first consider some facts and ask your self questions like what would happen after i come back home from Tunisia? How would i contact my doctor?

These questions need to be asked by any patient, and with Aram Clinic we can answer it for you by saying that we assure you the most highly relaxing and rich experience with us.

When it comes to your post-operation treatment you will be relaxing at a fancy hotel and your medication is also covered in the package that we offer.

Our doctors and surgeons will also stay in a regular contact with you throughout your recovery period and until the observation of the final result.

However, you should keep in mind that long-distance follow-up appointments do not replace the ones that you need to attend physically.

Deciding on having cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is the best choice for you, the work is highly efficient and the price is fairly low.

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Our patient's reviews about
plastic surgery in Tunisia

I went to Tunisia, to one of the Aram Clinic medical centres, i found a very advantageous offer and I had an excellent time. The kindness of the medical assistant was unparalleled from the first phone call. I had 3 operations at the same time, an abdo, a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation with prostheses. The result is there after only 2 months. I would like to thank the whole team and especially the practitioner who was great with me.

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Ashley 32 years old

What can I say about Aram Clinic Tunisia? I had a rhinoplasty in Tunisia and everything was well organised. The surgeon put me at ease straight away, a modest and above all professional person! I looked for so many plastic surgeons in France, but when I read about his career path, his studies and especially when I saw his work on the agency's website, I said to myself: "only he can put his hand on my nose!

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Hannah 47 years old

I am delighted. I had a facelift and the result is surprising, 15 years younger, without changing my features. Thanks to Aram Clinic and its surgeon, I feel younger. People tell me that I am very beautiful, but they don't understand that I had an operation. My face looks very natural and it's only been 3 months. Thank you to the whole team and see you soon.

Témoignages océne
Amy 34 years old

I travelled to Tunisia under the care of Aram Clinic to have a hair transplant and I can say that its reputation is well deserved. A serious team, a professional surgeon but above all a top assistance, a characteristic that the competitors often lose. The doctor put me at ease and gave me great confidence. What can I say, 5 stars well deserved, if we could add the sixth I would put it without hesitation.

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William 33 years old

I had breast augmentation surgery in September 2021. From the very first meeting, the surgeon at Aram Clinic Tunisia was very competent and helpful, answering all my questions with professionalism and patience.
The operation and the postoperative period went very well even if the follow-up was done at a distance and the effect obtained is extremely natural, exceeding by far my expectations.

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Angela 21 years old

Gallery: The before and after surgery photos

To better demonstrate the skills and efficiency of Arama Clinic's doctors and how would having a plastic surgery in Tunisia would be like, then there is no better way than a gallery of the before and after surgery photos.
With these you can see the level of professionalism and the skillfulness of the Aram Clinic's medical team so you can rest assured that having plastic surgery in Tunisia will be smooth sailing.

aram clinic galerie aram clinic galerie